Contaminated Soil in Blairstown May Affect Paulins Kill

A report by Bruce A. Scruton of the New Jersey Herald said that state officials determined the amount of “dirty” fill hauled to a site on Mount Vernon Road in Blairstown was likely 10 times more than initially reported.

Neighbors complained to township officials about the amount of soil that had been dumped on the property over the previous months and reported a strange odor and a “different taste” to their private well water. 

“We are quite concerned on the effects of this to the virgin soil, groundwater, streams, aquifers and wells,” wrote Blairstown Mayor Rob Moorhead and Deputy Mayor Walter Orcutt in a letter to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 

The property in question is less than a mile from the Paulins Kill and, in a letter the DEP, Paulins Kill Watershed Coordinator Christine Dunbar recommended all the fill be removed and that DEP “must set up sampling and monitoring of the virgin soil to determine the contamination’s extent.”

You may read the full article here.